Riyaaz – October 2021

Riyaaz October  : 2021  The Riyazees continued with the picture book project they had embarked on last month. As some had anticipated—and also the ones

Riyaaz – August 2021

August 2021 “To write a poem is to find a poem.” With these words, the eminent Hindi writer, Mr. Vinod Kumar Shukla opened his address

Riyaaz – July 2021

Website note for July 2021 Riyaaz sessions While the focus of the sessions that took place this month was different in name, each of them

Riyaaz – June 2021

Riyaaz June 2021 What happens when the Riyaazees meet Mr. Chandramohan Kulkarni and Ms. Taposhi Ghoshal twice a day for an entire week? They try,

Riyaaz – May 2021

Riyaaz May:2021 This month’s sessions were nothing less than the stuff an illustrator’s dreams are made of! After gathering some of the basics needed to

Riyaaz – April 2021

Riyaaz April : 2021  The inaugural month saw our Riyaazees taking it slow and steady into the course as they worked on some basic assignments under

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