Mukta Gupta

Mukta Gupta

Mukta Gupta

Mukta Gupta is currently pursuing Illustrator for Children’s magazines with Riyaaz and a Masters in Asian Studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. She worked as an Education Technology Assistant at the COE at UH Manoa, helping to build and maintain the Kahua A’o Website between June 2016 – Jan 2018. She was also an EWC Alumni while pursuing her MA in Asian Studies and earning a doctorate in Chemistry from UH Mānoa. The focus of her research was “Hydrogen Storage Materials” as a renewable source of energy. After graduating she worked as a Research Scientist at MER Corp. Tucson, Arizona and as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at ANU, Canberra, Australia before returning to Hawai‘i and teaching Chemistry and Biochemistry at WCC between 2003-2006 and at HPU between 2003-2013. She also received an Academic Subject Certificate in Fine Arts from WCC in Spring 2010. She is multi-talented and her other interests include painting, sculpting, doing henna, yoga, hiking, traveling, cooking healthy vegetarian food, gardening, writing poetry, natural healing techniques, and Indonesian (White Crane Silat) and Indian Martial Arts (Kalaripayattu).






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