Session 6

15-2-2020 to 22-2-2020

Faculty: Prachi Kalra, S. B. Ota, C N Subramaniam, Teji Grover, Rustam Singh, Taposhi Ghoshal, Durga Bai, Devilal Patidar, Atanu Roy, Robin David, Sushil Shukla

Topics Covered: Session on the exploration of picture books from all over the world with the help of Prachi Kalra, discussion on the History of Art and Illustration in the Indian subcontinent by C.N. Subramaniam, discussion on story-ideas with Sushil Shukla, creating thumbnails and worked on the skills of illustration for a picture book with Taposhi Ghoshal and Atanu Roy, Poetry recitation followed by a question-answer session on the skills of writing by Teji Grover and Rustom Singh, a session on astronomy with Anil Mayur who showed them the constellations of Venus and Orion Nebula through a telescope.

Field Visit to Bhimbetka to explore pre-historic paintings with the archaeologist, S.B. Ota. Attended a sculpture show and interacted with the sculptor, Robin David. Attended the International Ceramic Display at Bharat Bhawan facilitated by ceramic artist, Devilal Patidar.

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