Session 7

May 2020 (Online Sessions)

Faculty: Chandramohan Kulkarni, Taposhi Ghoshal, Sushil Shukla, Allen Shaw, Atanu Roy, Nina Sabnani, Shashi Sablok

Topics Covered: Character study and use of details in illustrations using the example of ‘the Winning Team’ (Taposhi Ghoshal), Sketchbooks as an idea, story and narrative diary (Allen Shaw), Illustrating our childhood toys and bringing them together in different stories (Chandramohan Kulkarni), History of Illustration in India: A Pluralistic View and an ‘Illustrartist’ (Nina Sabnani), A bookmaker’s journey, Book making from text to ready to print book, her journey of animated movies (Nina Sabnani). Regular feedback sessions with Chandramohan Kulkarni, Taposhi Ghoshal and Sushil Shukla.

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