Session 2

16-10-19 to 23-10-19

Faculty: Sushil Shukla, Atanu Roy, Taposhi Ghoshal, Vandana Bisht, Devilal Patidar (sculptor), Jay Kothari (architect)

Topics Covered: Basics of Watercolour as a medium, its appreciation using the works of Shaun Tan and Beatrice Alemagna and ones’ developmental stages through an illustrator’s journey (Vandana Bisht & Taposhi Ghoshal), exploration of the possibilities of 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional aspects in artwork through clay workshop (Devilal Patidar), Perspective (Jay Kothari), Interpretation of Texts (Sushil Shukla), Drawing skills and its appreciation (Atanu Roy)

Field Visit: Adamgarh rock shelters with pre-historic paintings

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