About Parag


Parag is the flagship program of the Tata Trusts that aims to make literature a part of every childhood by supporting availability and access to quality children’s books. The initiative supports the development and dissemination of children’s books and literature in Indian languages. It works with partners to rejuvenate libraries for supporting literacy and learning through children’s meaningful engagement with books. Over the past 8 years, Parag books have reached out to over 1 crore readers by supporting development of 350 titles that have original stories. Parag has supported school and community libraries for ensuring access to quality books. It has created avenues to promote young talented authors and illustrators. Parag workshops and programmes have trained librarians, teachers and educators besides creating resources on setting up and running active libraries, book selection and using libraries to enhance reading skills. Recently, Parag has started two flagship professional courses – Riyaaz and the Library Educators Course. Under the Library Educators Course Parag aims to strengthen the capacities of stakeholders working with children’s literature so that they can run vibrant libraries that inspire children to read for pleasure, thus strengthening their reading skill and exposing them to a wealth of ideas and perspectives.

for further details visit www.tatatrusts.org